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How To Add Listing

Step #1 – Add Listing

After registering an account, you are free to add as many listings as you would like! The more listings you add, the more views your profile will get and the more people you will help. To get started click “Add Listing”

Step #2 – Add Title and Category

After clicking “add listing” you will be able to add the listing title and category. There are 8 categories to choose from currently including beach, bridge, interesting site, lake/pond, lighthouse, mountain, state park, and waterfall.

Step #3 – Add Location

After adding the title and category, it is time to add the location of the listing. Whereaboutts uses OpenStreet Maps so users can easily type in the name of the location the address and GPS coordinates will auto-populate.

Step #4 – Add Photos

After adding the location, it is time to add photos of the listing. Whereaboutss recommends that you try to upload high-quality photos but small in file size. Since we are a new platform, servers may not be able to handle single photos above 8mb.

Step #5 – Add Description

After adding photos, you are able to write a quick description of the destination. This can include things such as photography advice, fun facts, parking, etc.

Step #6 – Click “Preview”

Once all the information has been added, it is time to preview the listing to make sure everything you added was successfully saved under the listing.

Step #7 – Preview and then Submit

Check the preview of the listing and if it looks all correct, submit it! It will then be reviewed quickly and added to the Whereaboutss listing page and map.