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The John Paul Jones House is a historic house at 43 Middle Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. John Paul Jones was a Scottish-American naval captain who was the United States’ first well-known naval commander in the American Revolutionary War. John Paul Jones, a Revolutionary War hero, stayed in Portsmouth twice: once in 1777 when his warship “The Ranger” was being constructed on Badger’s Island (halfway between Portsmouth and Kittery in the Piscataqua River), and again in 1781-82 while his battleship “The America” was being built.

Today, the house where Jones is said to have rented a room is a museum dedicated to Jones’ life and the Revolutionary War period. It’s a remarkable Georgian-style house with a gambrel roof and a lovely yellow paint hue. The home was built in 1758 and the Portsmouth Historical Society now looks after the building and museum.

The home is beautiful to view and photograph, but more exploration can be done by taking a tour of the building. The tours are self-guided and open  to the public. They run during the Spring, Summer, and Fall and only cost about $5.


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