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The North Truro Air Force Station (AFS) was built in 1951 in response to the first atomic bomb being tested by Russia. North Truro AFS was one of the first of twenty-four stations of the permanent Air Defense Command (ADC) radar network. Over the years, the station monitored the radio waves and the ocean waves, searching for intruders and information. Different radars were used throughout the decades, including Texas Tower 2 which was located 110 miles offshore.

After the end of the Cold War, in 1994, the Air Force closed down operations at North Truro. Most of the land was transferred to the National Park Service and the majority of the buildings and radars remain abandoned.

The Air Force base is open to the public and there are miles of trails to explore. I explored the family housing area and it was fascinating to see how rundown and vandalized they were. If you are a lover of urban decay and abandoned places, North Truro Air Force Station is a must-see location!


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