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The Wedding Cake House, formerly known as the George W. Bourne House, is a historic house located at 104 Summer Street in Kennebunk, Maine. It was once dubbed the “most photographed house in the state.” The house was completed in 1825 for fourth-generation shipbuilder George W. Bourne (1801–1856). The house was a wedding gift from his parents. The “icing” of the house was added 26 years later after a fire destroyed the barn and connecting structure. Bourne went about rebuilding the carriage house and the barn in what became known as Carpenter Gothic style. He was inspired by the Gothic magnificence of Milan’s cathedral which he saw on a European tour. Bourne built everything using just hand tools and only had one helper – Thomas Durrell, an apprentice ship’s carpenter.

The “Wedding Cake” name was applied to the house due to its wedding cake-like appearance. Along with its history of being a wedding gift.

The house is currently owned by Hunt Edwards and Lela Cason, family of James Hunt Barker. They received ownership of the house when Barker passed away peacefully on October 10, 2020, in Kentucky after several years of declining health. James loved his time living in the house and even opened it up to the public for fundraising events. The first time was in 2005 to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina relief.

The Wedding Cake House is currently being restored and renovated by James Barker’s nephew, Hunt Edwards, and family.


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