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Kaaterskills Falls

Kaaterskills Falls


Product Description

Kaaterskills Falls is located within that Catskills Mountain of New York. This Falls drops a staggering 260 feet divided over multiple tiers. To reach the lower trailhead it is about a 1.4-mile hike roundtrip, and you can proceed from there to explore. This area looks good year-round, but as expected once the summer months roll around this place gets pretty packed. However, I would not recommend this hike in the winter to anyone not experienced, in good physical shape, or used to cold conditions. The entire surrounding area of this location is covered in a sheet of ice at all times making it very dangerous (Bringing Crampons is a must)! Additionally, be extremely careful and mindful of where you are walking, for a thin ice layer freezes over rivers making them very challenging to spot. Many people fall through these riviers, and keep in mind the water is still flowing so beware. If you’re up for the challenging winter hike you’ll be treated to an amazing winter/ice wonderland!

Drone Users –

Smaller drones such as the Mavic mini or any that are wifi based will have a hard time getting off the ground. This falls create a magnetic dome around the surrounding area making it very difficult to connect to the needed satellites/wifi. Not saying it is impossible to fly, but definitely a challenge you will have to workaround. Finally, in the winter months, the water vapor from the falls will form an ice layer on your propellers which can cause them to become unbalanced and crash. To solve this, do not fly too close to the falls, and bring an extra pair of propellers to switch out throughout your flight.


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