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Old Red Mill (Chittenden Mills)

Old Red Mill (Chittenden Mills)


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On Red Mill Drive in Jericho, Vermont, the Old Red Mill is a historic 19th-century mill building. The Browns River powered the mill, which was completed in 1856. Buckwheat, graham, brown, and white flour, as well as corn, oat, and rye meal, were all produced in the mill. The goods were subsequently distributed around northern Vermont.

Later in the nineteenth century, the mill was expanded to accommodate state-of-the-art grain rollers. The mill was a well-known local company that was the first in New England to implement this new technology. Because the mill required more power from the river, dynamite was employed to deepen the river. This was a novel way to change the course of the river. A 27 drop was achieved which provided the power necessary for the new rollers.

In 1945, the mill closed down and most of the tools were sold off. The mill then changed hands several times. In 1973, the town of Jericho voted to purchase the mill and rent it to the Jericho Historical Society.

Today, the mill is a museum property of the local Jericho Historical Society. The museum offers self-guided tours of the mill which is stocked full of original milling machinery and much more. There is also a small shop and constantly changing exhibits on display. In 1972, the mill was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you’re in Jericho, Vermont, be sure to check out the mill! It is a great spot to photograph and learn about the history of Vermont milling!



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