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Old Scituate Lighthouse

Old Scituate Lighthouse


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Old Scituate Light, sometimes known as Scituate Light, is a historic lighthouse in Scituate, Massachusetts on Cedar Point.

The US government set aside $4,000 in May 1810 to construct a lighthouse at the entrance to the active Scituate Harbor. On September 19, 1811, the lighthouse was completed making it the 11th lighthouse in the United States. The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1850 due to the building of Minot’s Ledge Light off Cohasset, MA. After the first Minot’s Ledge Light was damaged by a storm in 1852, Old Situate Lighthouse was resurrected. After the second tower at Minot’s Ledge was completed in 1860, the light was once again removed from duty. The lighthouse then sat vacantly. In 1916, the lighthouse was put up for sale. The town of Scituate purchased the lighthouse in 1917 for a few thousand dollars with plans to restore it. Instead of restoration, a replica was made of the lighthouse in 1930 and placed on the same spot as the original.

The lighthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988 and it is maintained by the Scituate Historical Society. Tours occur occasionally and visitors are welcome to check out the lighthouse from the outside and the surrounding area.

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