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Saco River Covered Bridge

Saco River Covered Bridge


Product Description

Saco River Covered Bridge is located on East Side Rd and crosses the Saco River in Conway NH. The 224-foot long bridge features a beautiful style of a Paddleford truss with added arches. The current Saco River Covered Bridge was completed in 1890 by Charles Broughton and his son Frank.

The original covered bridge was built by Jacob Berry and Peter Paddleford in 1850 and it replaced a poorly build log bridge that collapsed. In 1869, the covered bridge was destroyed when the nearby Swift River Covered Bridge crashed into it. After the damage in 1869, Allen and Warren of Conway rebuilt the covered bridge until 1890 when it was destroyed by a tannery fire. The current covered bridge has spanned across the Saco River since 1890.

Today, visitors of the Saco River Covered Bridge have many ways to view the bridge. You can park at the Davis Park Recreation Area and there are pedestrian walking paths on both sides of the bridge which allow visitors to walk through the bridge. Driving through the bridge is also an option. You can also get a cool photo of the bridge by walking along the Saco River and also from the nearby bridge that carries the White Mountain Highway.


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