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The Old Round Church

The Old Round Church


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The Old Round Church in Richmond, Vermont was constructed in 1812-13 under the direction of a local craftsman named William Rhodes. The church was built to be a Town Meeting Hall and a place of worship for five Protestant congregations. The Old Round Church’s unique sixteen-sided design is perhaps the only of its kind. There are many different theories as to why the church has 16 sides. Some claim that it is so the devil cannot hide in a corner. Others believe that one side was built for each of the men who built the church.

The church changed hands in 1880 when it became the Richmond Town Hall. The town hall was based at the church for nearly 100 years until 1973 when the church closed due to safety concerns. Luckily, that same year the Richmond Historical Society was formed and the church was one of their first projects. They renovated the building and continue to maintain it.

Today, Old Round Church is open to the public during the summer and early fall. It is also available for weddings, community programs, and other events.


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